Vault of Ten Thousand Deaths

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Vault of Ten Thousand Deaths
(Abyssal realm)

Huge trap-filled dungeon of iron and stone1
Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 17
The demonic rune of Andirifkhu.

The Vault of Ten Thousand Deaths is the Abyssal realm of the demon lord Andirifkhu. It is a vast, trap-filled dungeon, as large as a continent, rumored to be connected to many other dungeons in the multiverse.2 Some scholars believe that the Vault of Ten Thousand Deaths is in fact responsible for the preponderance of so-called "death-trap dungeons" across the Material Plane. This rumor of a connection to the Material Plane gives hope to those trapped in this realm that they might escape, and it is often the reason they explore further, falling prey to yet more deadly traps. This however is not its purpose, the Vault of Ten Thousand Deaths, like all Abyssal layers, is a malicious living thing and hungers to expand its fell influence ever deeper into the mortal plane. Where the vault touches the Material Plane, new dungeons squirm into existence, serving as deadly lures to foolhardy adventurers and inspiring new generations of Andirifkhu worshippers.3


  • Virax: the Abyssal fortress of Bezilak, the Silken Fang is hidden deep within the plane in a huge chamber4


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