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Type Outsider
CR 3
Environment Any land (Plane of Shadow)
Adjective D'ziriak
Images of d'ziriaks

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 113

D'ziriaks are a race of mysterious, insect-like outsiders originally from the Shadow Plane, where they live in partially subterranean hive cities. They speak their own language (also known as D'ziriak), which is completely unintelligible to other races; however, they can also communicate telepathically.[1]

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In the Great Beyond

Shadow Absalom

D'ziriaks have lived in Shadow Absalom for thousands of years,[2] and more than 10,000 live there today,[3] where they sometimes welcome visitors into their hives to witness their singing and bio-luminescent displays.[4] Hive Ist'Six'Zym, which hosts brilliant displays by the Light Weavers' Guild, and the more reclusive and militaristic Hive Yg'Graztz, are among the most prominent.[5] Most of the entrances to their hives are located in the city's Hive Dunes district, while fetchlings in the Unspoken City attempt to prevent d'ziriak incursions into their territory.[6]

Some hooded d'ziriaks were among the gathered crowd when Argrinyxia claimed power to herald the umbral dragon's claim to power in the city.[4]


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