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Dark slayer

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Dark slayer
Type Humanoid
(dark folk)
CR 3
Environment Any underground
Images of dark slayers

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 75

Dark slayers are one of the rarer types of dark folk. They tend to be lieutenants to the dark stalkers, but typically try to find a way to dispose of their larger cousins as leaders. Similar to dark callers, dark slayers embrace evil impulses and look to murder their enemies.[1]


Dark slayers stand close in size to dark creepers, at four feet tall and weigh roughly 50 pounds. Dark slayers are typically easily spotted due to their tendency to be afflicted with a hand tremor. Their skin is much paler, an almost pure white, and is dry and hot to the touch.[1]

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In 4712 AR, Pathfinders found evidence of dark stalkers and dark slayers worshipping the evil Tian Xia goddess Lao Shu Po in the Hao Jin Tapestry.[2]