Delaraius Solzakarr

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Delaraius Solzakarr
Titles King of Keys
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human
Class Cleric 17 / Rogue 3
Gender Male
Homeland Vyre, Cheliax
Deity Norgorber
Organization Kings and Queens of Vyre; Dunrock Turnkeys

Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 65

Delaraius Solzakarr serves in secret as one of the Kings of Vyre and is the city's King of Keys.[1] As King of Keys, he is served by the Masks of Keys who help him maintain the walls, doors, and locks that protect the city.[2] Like many in the city, Delaraius is a secret follower of the god Norgorber, worshipping him in his aspect as Father Skinsaw. Delaraius is known as the warden of the dreaded Dunrock Prison on the island of Dunrock, one of the most notorious prisons in not just Cheliax but the whole of Avistan.[3]


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