Mera Bantikere

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Mera Bantikere
Titles Queen of Blades
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Halfling
Class Swashbuckler 16
Gender Female
Homeland Vyre, Cheliax
Organization Kings and Queens of Vyre

Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 65

Mera Bantikere serves as one the Queens of Vyre, the rulers of the City of Masks who hide their identities carefully from their subjects.[1] As Queen of Blades, Mera is responsible for the militia that protects the city against its enemies, while also serving as its de facto police. In this task, she is assisted by a group of loyal guards known as the Masks of Blades. Mera Bantikere, unlike some of her fellow Kings and Queens of Vyre, is not under the control of the cult of Norgorber that is secretly so pervasive throughout the city.[2]


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