River District (Vyre)

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The River District is one of several neighborhoods that comprise the residential district of Pauper's Palace in the sin-soaked city of Vyre. River District provides some relief for the city's residents from the hustle, the bustle, and the sheer debauchery of Bliss and the Vise. The River District is the beating heart of Pauper's Palace and its most diverse district. It is also home to the park-turned-open-slum known as the Graveolent Gardens, as well as the Darakole Sanitarium where those mentally ravaged by Vyre's debauchery often wash up.1 The River District is bisected by the Vyre River; it is bordered to the north by Sanctuary and Sunshade, to the east by Nightcrown and Southmarket, to the west by Duskwalk and Westwatch, and to the south by Graystone.2