Masks of Delights

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Masks of Delights
Type Civic
Leader Queen of Delights, Manticce Kaleekii
Headquarters Vyre, Cheliax
Scope Citywide (Vyre)

Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 66

The Masks of Delights are part of a larger group of organisations, known as the Masks of Vyre, that serve the various Kings and Queens of Vyre. The Masks of Delights serve Queen of Delights, Manticce Kaleekii, a powerful tiefling witch who oversees the Opal Market from her gothic residence of Cobweb Manor. The Masks of Delights serve Manticce Kaleekii by helping her police all matters of trade, commerce and entertainment within the city of Vyre.[1]