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Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Wererat
Class Cleric 12
Gender Female
Homeland Vyre, Cheliax
Deity Norgorber
Organization Skinsaw Cult;
formerly Gray Spiders

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 22

Hei-Fen is a wererat cleric worshipper of Norgorber who resides in the Chelish city of Vyre but has travelled across the length and breadth of Avistan to commit murder in her god's name.[1]


In human form, Hei-Fen is an elderly woman of Tian ancestry who wears her grey hair in a long and elegant style. Her most prominent facial feature is a distinctive, large mole on her chin.[2]


Hei-Fan was originally one of the three guildmasters of the Gray Spiders thieves' guild in Kintargo alongside Guildmistress Lorelu and Guildmaster Baccus. She served as the master of abduction and as the guild's spiritual leader. She was responsible for the disastrous plot that led to the guild's destruction, the assassination of Lictor Reya Naulvaneti, the founder of the Order of the Torrent. In reprisal for the assassination, the Order of the Torrent raided the Gray Spiders' Headquarters beneath the Lucky Bones effectively destroying the guild. Hei-Fen was the only guildmaster to escape, fleeing to the city of Vyre.[3] Since then, she has become a roving murderer for the Church of Norgorber killing in over two dozen cities, most often at the behest of the King of Keys Delaraius Solzakarr. After 40 years of bloody killings, Hei-Fen is now in semi-retirement in Vyre.[1]


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