Skinsaw Cult

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Skinsaw Cult
A Skinsaw Man

Source: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 42

The faith of the ascended god Norgorber is divided into four distinct branches, each overseeing one aspect of the deity's portfolio. Three are fairly well-known—the Reaper of Reputation (secrets), the Gray Master (thieves), and Blackfingers (poison). The fourth, however, is not readily admitted—that which attracts the most extreme and murderously insane, who commit atrocities as acts of worship to Father Skinsaw. The followers of this cult are known as the Skinsaw Men. The Skinsaw Cult is a centuries-old organization originating in Vyre, Cheliax.1 At least one branch of the cult is believed to be active in Magnimar,2 known as the Brotherhood of the Seven.3


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