Dunrock Prison

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Dunrock Prison is home to some of the most dangerous prisoners in the entire Inner Sea region and serves as a potent deterrent to any who would think of breaking one of Vyre's few laws. Dunrock Prison is a stark gothic edifice that squats menacingly atop Dunrock Island. It can house up to three hundred prisoners but never gets near this capacity. As with so many other institutions in the City of Masks, the Dunrock Turnkeys, who run the prison, are secret worshippers of Norgorber in his aspect as the Skinsaw Man. The Dunrock Turnkeys are comprised mostly of a mix of humans, half-orcs, and jorogumo who secretly select prisoners to serve as sacrifices to their god. The Dunrock Turnkeys are led by, and the prison is run by, Delaraius Solzakarr, the King of Keys: one of the five rulers of Vyre. The deepest levels of Dunrock Prison are said to run beneath Keelwrack Harbor and whispered rumours claim they have slipped beyond the control of the Dunrock Turnkeys and are now the domain of horrors even worse than the sadists running the rest of the prison. The Queen of Whispers, Simandu supposedly has some influence over these mysterious monstrosities, but even she does not know the full extent of what horrors dwell in the darkest reaches of Dunrock Prison.1