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Molly Mayapple

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Molly Mayapple

Source: Dance of the Damned, pg(s). 62–63

Molly Mayapple is a friendly, but long-suffering, natural wererat who lives in the city of Vyre in Cheliax and runs the Seven Apples hostel.1


At 81 years old, Molly appears to many as little more than a old, frail halfling and nothing more, but she carries herself with a confidence that hints at her skill with a crossbow, and the toughness instilled in her by the life she has survived. Despite her hard life, she remains hopeful and her smile is matched by a wry sense of humour.1


Molly Mayapple was born in Vyre to wererat parents she never really knew and, as a young adult, made a name for herself as an adventurer. Her career and fortune seemed to be made when she rescued the twin daughters of Vyre's then-current King of Delights from a gang of thugs holed up in an abandoned temple devoted to Calistria on Heretic's Row. In recognition of this, she was rewarded with the deeds to several prime buildings in The Vise district of Vyre. Before she could claim these buildings, she was robbed blind by the Gray Spiders, a thieves' guild from nearby Kintargo, who were also responsible for the original kidnapping of the King of Delights' daughter. Before she could reacquire the deeds the Gray Spiders were destroyed by Hellknights of the Order of the Torrent.1

After this, wealth seemed to remain elusively just out of her grasp for decades, struck by a run of bad luck that began with the death of her patron the King of Delights. She then endured two awful marriages, the first ending when her husband, discovering her wererat affliction tried to kill her to claim a bounty. Her second husband turned out to be a member of the cult known as the Scarlet Sign, she was forced to murder him when she discovered his upcoming role in a Scarlet Sign plot. After this, came her third husband with whom she shared a decade of happiness, a fellow wererat named Vazzereen. Unfortunately, he and his clan were slaughtered by agents of House Thrune seeking vengeance against them for a minor slight committed decades earlier.1

After this brief period of happiness, Molly spent another few decades in depression and living on the cruel streets of Vyre until she had an epiphany: life was short, and unless she did something about it, she would die miserably. Molly has spent the last decade or so striving to overcome her past hardships. Today, she runs the Seven Apples, one of Vyre's numerous hostels, whilst also managing a network of local guides who specialize in helping visiting adventurers find fun and work across and around Vyre.1


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