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Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 83

Destrachans are aberrant subterranean predators. Despite its bestial appearance, a destrachan is both intelligent and cruel.1


A destrachan is a bipedal reptilian creature. Its tube-shaped head has no eyes, complex frilled ears, and a great circular mouth ringed with numerous rows of teeth like a lamprey's.1


Lacking eyes, a destrachan is completely blind, but thanks to its incredibly sensitive ears it can effectively "see" everything within a hundred feet. Destrachans can emit powerful waves of sound from their mouths that can destroy objects and inflict agonizing pain on living creatures. Destrachans themselves are resistant to sonic attacks, including those of other destrachans.1

Habitat & Society

Destrachans live underground in caves, where they hunt in packs of up to five and feed on both live prey and carrion. Though they cannot speak humanoid tongues, they are quite intelligent and can understand spoken language; they communicate amongst themselves with clicks, shrieks, and whistles. Destrachans are cruel and sadistic, taking pleasure from their victims' suffering.1

Despite their intelligence, destrachans can be subjugated by other creatures through means such as magical coercion and rigorous conditioning.2

Destrachans and xills are mortal enemies.3

Destrachans on Golarion

Destrachans have been encountered in Varisia in the environs of Guiltspur4 and in the Forest of Spirits in Tian Xia.5

Destrachans on Other Worlds

Destrachans exist on the planet Triaxus, but are rare. The white dragon warlord Yrax created a half-dragon destrachan "son", Iantor, as his heir.6 They have also been encountered in the Hao Jin Tapestry.2


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