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Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar)
CR 6
Environment Ethereal Plane
Images of xills

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 283

Xills are alien, plane-shifting marauders from the Ethereal Plane who ravage everything in their path for one singular purpose: reproduction.[1]


A xill is a four-armed humanoid with spiny, bright red skin. Xills resemble a mix between human, reptile, and insect, possessing fanged mandibles and a scaled hide.[1]


All xills are female, and they fertilize their own eggs, but they require a host body to incubate their eggs before they hatch. For this reason, they use their poisoned mandibles to paralyze their victims and implant eggs in their bodies with an ovipositor usually kept retracted behind their jaws. Xills particularly favor phase spiders as incubators.[1]

Xills have the ability to shift between the Ethereal Plane and Material Plane at will, though moving from the Material to the Ethereal is more difficult and time-consuming than the reverse.[1]

Habitat and society

Xills inhabit the gray mists of the Ethereal Plane. They are highly intelligent, with a repressive, militaristic culture. Due to their need to reproduce, they are driven toward conquest, constantly seeking new incubators for their eggs.[1] Xills often find themselves in conflict with the more powerful night hags,[2] and are in a state of eternal war with the phase spiders, their favored source of incubators.[3] Xills and destrachans are mortal enemies.[4]

On Golarion

Runelord Ilthyrius, the ruler of Haruka in ancient Thassilon, conjured a contingent of xill to infiltrate the demiplane of Runeforge when its artificers failed him.[5]

A strange subspecies of chaotic, green-scaled xills inhabits the ruins of Valashai in the Valashmai Jungle. These xills, native to the Material Plane, take slaves to use as incubators. They prize arcane magic, and tribes are led by sorcerers or summoners with ties to the Abyss.[6]

Xills have been encountered in the devastated Furrows of Ustalav.[7]


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