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Fire mephit
A fire mephit.

Fire mephits are creatures native to the Plane of Fire, where they live in a complex, theocratic society ruled by the powerful Matriarch of Holy Sublimation.1


Like other mephits, fire mephits are short, bipedal creatures with small horns and bat-like wings. They are known for their mischievousness and love of vengeance, and are easy to anger. Fire mephits are red in colour and glow with flames.23

Habitat and ecology

Like every other native of the Plane of Fire, fire mephits are invulnerable to heat and flame, an ability without which they would be unable to survive. Because it is so foreign to their nature, however, they are overly susceptible to cold. As long as they are in active contact with flame or intense heat, they are also able to heal wounds at a tremendous rate.

When threatened by outsiders, they can release a cloud of super-heated flame. This ability is nearly useless on their native plane, but serves them well when summoned to the Material Plane. Mephits are also able to draw on their naturally magical natures. They have the ability to summon others of their kind, create rays of scorching flame, and heat nearby metal to a white-hot glow.2


Unlike other kinds of mephits, fire mephits have a highly developed society.4 On their native Plane of Fire, fire mephits live in a strict matriarchal society ruled by the decadent Matriarch of Holy Sublimation Dirimalia VI. Although they are less hostile and more easily approachable than the xenophobic efreet, their complex taboos and social mores can be tricky for outsiders to navigate. The mephits are also known for being advanced experimental alchemists.5

Fire mephits conquered Emberkeep, a stronghold of the native dwarf-like beings known as the azer in ancient times, and are still served by them.45 Mephits have a long-standing dispute over territory with efreet, which often escalates into all-out warfare. To bolster their cause, the mephits have a semi-secret alliance with one of their enemy's worst opponents, the jabalis6 of the Plane of Earth.1

Fire mephits have an infamously strong rivalry with water mephits and avoid working with them if possible.3


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