Fort Agate

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Fort Agate was a ruined castle located on the estuary of the Glass River in Razmiran. It has since been repaired and renovated and serves as a new lodge for the Pathfinder Society.


The fort was constructed around 500 years ago by a minor Varisian noble and his Kellid wife after they had been driven out of their home city of Caliphas due to their worship of Urgathoa. Using the fort as a base of operations, they hired bandits to attack travelers on the river and on Lake Encarthan. After their deaths, the fort fell into the hands of various bandit groups until the complex was finally cleared out by Razmir in 4661 AR.1

Fort Agate was left abandoned for many years until 4720 AR when members of the Pathfinder Society were permitted to explore, repair, and claim the fortification as their own. After surviving an attack of undead soon after, it was converted to the Exalted Lodge.2


The ruin was built atop a tall and narrow promontory with a spectacular view of the Glass River valley. It is located less than an hour's walk from the port town of Xer.3


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