Forgotten Track

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The Forgotten Track is a prison mine located at the bottom of a particularly large canyon in a region of Razmiran known as the Tracks. Those who have lost faith in or displease the Church of Razmir are sent here; it is called the Forgotten Track because that is the eventual fate of most who are sent there.1


New arrivals to the prison are lowered to the floor of the canyon in an iron cage, after which they are assigned to their work gang. There they continue to work in the mines until they either die from overwork or, more rarely, serve out their sentences.1


The Forgotten Track produces some precious metals and ores, but this does not seem to be its primary purpose. The wardens of the prison occasionally receive new directions and schematics from Razmir himself, who directs them to tunnel in new directions. The man in charge, a Mask named Rastagar, has become increasingly nervous of late as some of his tunnels have begun to intersect those of the Darklands, exposing the prisoners and guards to dangerous threats from below.1


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