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Small town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 161

Pilgrimage is a small but growing port town in the nation of Razmiran, on the northeastern shores of Lake Encarthan.1


The town began as a roadside tavern on the road between Xer on the Glass River and the new capital of Thronestep farther up the coast. It has since expanded into a small town with a dozen inns, a large temple to Razmir, a functioning port, and a rapidly developing black market.1

Underground economy

Pilgrimage is the main Razmiri town for those wishing to do business out of sight of the Church of Razmir, or at least without their direct interference. Although most business is still conducted with their knowledge, a growing amount takes place without their approval. Those found conducting business in this manner are severely punished, and are sent to the prison-mine known as the Forgotten Track or worse.1 Pilgrimage nevertheless remains a hotbed of Razmiri citizens who wish for a life away from the Masked God's harsh rule.2


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