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Large city
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 161

Thronestep is a port city on the banks of Lake Encarthan, and the capital of the growing theocracy of Razmiran. A city of sharp contrasts, it is among the newest settlements in Avistan, having been built by the Living God's faithful less than 50 years ago.1


Thronestep was built by a small army of laborers in a remarkably short time in 4672 AR, and was designed to be Razmiran's new capital and home of the living God, Razmir. Designed as a paradise for the faithful, its buildings were constructed of fine woods and imported stones, with depictions of Razmir's masked visage looking down on everyone. Due to the attitudes and policies of the Church of Razmir, the city quickly became divided into two sharply delineated districts: the Steps and the Stones.1

The Steps and the Stones

The Steps is the smaller of the two districts, and is home to Razmiran's elite. A place of debauchery and decadence, it is the home of the Visions and the other highest-ranking officials of the Church of Razmir.1

The Stones is much larger than the Steps, and is a slum that houses the majority of the nation's poor. It is filled with those stricken with poverty and disease who dwell in ramshackle hovels, living in hope of gaining an audience with their god through the Choosing, a weekly ritual in which five worshipers are selected speak and plead their case with Razmir himself. Unknown to most, this ritual is as fake as Razmir's divinity, as those who are chosen are plants put there by the church, leaving an entire city living in perpetual false hope.231


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