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The ruins of an ancient Taldan supply post, Gensmaren is located in the Vergan Forest of Razmiran and is now the lair of a stranded group of driders who try not to attract the attention of the local human authorities.1


At the beginning of the Age of Enthronement, Taldor's Second Army of Exploration built numerous supply forts as they moved through the area around Lake Encarthan. Many grew into villages and even cities over the following centuries, while others were abandoned and forgotten. Gensmaren, built in the Vergan Forest between Lake Encarthan and the West Sellen River, was one of the latter group.1

In the early days of the Age of Enthronement, a witch coven make it their home. Razmir scattered the witches when he came to power but it is said that the witches left behind magical mysteries that even Razmir was unable to reveal.2

Recent history

The fortress now is half-collapsed, stinks or rotten, and is covered with thick webs. It is rumored to be the haunt of giant vermin, some undead, and a cult of demon worshipers. The last point is actually correct, as a group of driders who revere the demon lord Mazmezz has recently taken up residence there. They rarely leave Gensmaren and generally confine themselves to the extensive catacombs beneath the site, fearing to attract too much attention from the Razmiri authorities in the nearby cities of Pilgrimage or Xer. They do not know how to return to their Darklands home, as the tunnels they took to get to the surface have collapsed.1

Holgarin Smine, the Pathfinder Society venture-captain of the River Kingdoms town of Tymon, is said to have considerable knowledge of Gensmaren.2


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