First Step

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First Step is a massive fortress located at the heart of the Exalted Wood in the nation of Razmiran. Here, new recruits to the Church of Razmir are trained to become missionaries for placement both at home and abroad.1


The fortress is a large and imposing edifice of black stone that descends almost twice as deep below ground as it reaches above.1

Recruit training

New recruits to the Razmiran priesthood are broken, stripped of any misgivings or doubts, and trained here. This is done both through conventional religious education and magical coercion and torture. Some who enter First Step are never heard from again, but all who do emerge are loyal and often covered with fresh scars and burns. They are sent from here to new temples in the Inner Sea region in order to help spread the faith, or else to areas where the worship of Razmir is unknown. In either case they are ordered to convert as many of the poor as possible to the worship of the Living God.1


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