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Small town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 161

Whispertruth is a small settlement of runaways located in the Vergan Forest of Razmiran. Paranoid of being discovered, they do everything they can to keep the location of their town a secret from the government.1


The nominal leader of Whispertruth is Fineona Laygas, and her assistants are Kilswalloh Fwen and Glimma Yon, responsible for security and interrogations, respectively. They seek to keep Whispertruth safe and secret while trying to get rid of Razmir's false religion. They frequently communicate with the spirits of the forest, who reveal that a terrible thing is going to befall Whispertruth but do not provide details.2


Whispertruth's inhabitants are composed of failed priests, criminals, iconoclasts, and others who have fled the government and Church of Razmir, and wish nothing more than to be left alone. They go to great lengths to keep the location of Whispertruth a secret, blindfolding anyone who leaves the town, and setting up false camps throughout the Vergan Forest to fool those who is looking for it. The town has never been raided by the government, but not because Razmir does not know where it is: he discovered Whispertruth's location long ago via divination, and by regularly scrying on its leaders. He plans to use the town as a scapegoat for a future atrocity, and currently does not see the need to expose them.1


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