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Goblins! 1

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Pathfinder: Goblins! #1
Cover of Pathfinder: Goblins! #1 by Carlos Gomez
Author(s) Erik Mona and Adam Warren
Artist(s) Carlos Gomez and Shane White
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Price $3.99
Released August 2013
Type Comic Book
Binding paperback
Pages 32 pages
Series Goblins! 1 of 5
Precedes Goblins! 2
Artwork from Goblins! 1

Pathfinder: Goblins! #1, a comic book written by Erik Mona and Adam Warren with art by Carlos Gomez and Shane White, was released in August 2013. The issue features covers by Gomez, White, and Alex Lopez.

The goblins from Paizo's Pathfinder RPG are pint-sized psychopaths, wreaking havoc across the land. Infamous for unpredictable attacks, catchy raiding songs, hatred of dogs, and fear of horses, goblins blend mischief and murderousness like no other monsters.

And Pathfinder fans adore them! Since their appearance in the very first Pathfinder release, Pathfinder goblins have starred in numerous adventures and game supplements, and now they get their own comic book series!

Don't miss this series featuring an all-star line-up of talent! Issue 1 includes "The One-Eyed Goblin is King," written by Adam Warren with art by Carlos Gomez and "Prize Pupil," written by Paizo Publisher Erik Mona and illustrated by Shane White. Future issues will include stories by Ron Marz, Ray Fawkes, Charles Soule, Paul Allor, Eric Trautmann, and more! And feature artwork from such great artists as Lee Moder, Jennifer Meyer, Adam Moore, Kevin Stokes and others!

The One-Eyed Goblin is King

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The One-Eyed Goblin is King features the following characters:

Prize Pupil

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Prize Pupil features the following characters:

Game content

  • Gribbet's Guide to Getting Smarter: The Reformarium Regime and Exotic Solutions
  • Gribbet: background and stat block for one of the comic's characters

Alternate cover gallery

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Andrew Huerta
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