Pathfinder Origins 1

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Pathfinder Origins #1
Pathfinder Origins #1
Author(s) Erik Mona
Artist(s) Tom Garcia
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Price $4.99
Released February 18, 2015
Type Comic Book
Binding paperback
Pages 32 pages
Series Pathfinder Origins 1 of 6
Precedes Pathfinder Origins 2
Artwork from Pathfinder Origins 1

Pathfinder Origins #1, a comic book written by Paizo Inc. publisher Erik Mona with art by Tom Garcia, was released on February 18, 2015. On most of the covers this issue is entitled 'VALEROS'; on page 1, this issue is subtitled 'THE CRIMSON EYE'.

Valeros crosses swords with the brazen barbarian Amiri when both serve as hired guards escorting a doomed caravan through the treacherous Bloodsworn Vale.

The variant cover by Andrew Huerta is an homage to the cover of X-Men #141 by John Byrne and Terry Austin.


"Pathfinder Origins #1" features the following characters:

Game content

All Pathfinder Origins issues include a pull-out poster map and an official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter. In this comic, the encounter is entitled "A Cult Revived!" and the pull-out poster map is of a "Ruined Shrine".

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