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Worldscape: King of the Goblins One-Shot

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Worldscape: King of the Goblins One-Shot
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Book - Comic Book
January 2017

Worldscape: King of the Goblins One-Shot, a comic book written by former Paizo Inc. Creative Director and Pathfinder Tales novelist James L. Sutter, with art by Andrea Mutti, colors by Vladimir Popov, letters by Tom Napolitano, and covers by Mutti and Roberto Castro, was released exclusively as part of Dynamite Entertainment's January 2017 "Worldscape" Humble Bundle campaign . The "Pathfinder Chronicles" appendix in this volume is written by Jason Keeley.

Pathfinder's iconic anti-hero, Seltyiel, has been drawn into the magical Worldscape, where the greatest heroes and villains of three worlds do battle for the amusement of unknown forces. Unfortunately for him, however, whatever magic brought him here also brought four trouble-prone goblins, and these lost members of the Leechlegs Tribe waste no time in electing him their chief. Together with his unwanted band of madcap monsters, Seltyiel must face off against two of Earth's most sinister figures in order to find a way back home. Now if only his allies were a little more helpful... A bonus Pathfinder: Worldscape adventure from Paizo Creative Director and novelist James L. Sutter (Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain)! Contains a bonus Pathfinder RPG appendix and poster map!


"Worldscape: King of the Goblins One-Shot" features the following characters:

Game content

All Pathfinder: Worldscape issues include a pull-out poster map and an official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter. This issue presents details on running an encounter against Vlad the Impaler and two charmed wyverns, using the including poster map, entitled "Garden of Spikes".

The appendix contains statistics and a biography of Vlad Dracul (the historical inspiration for Dracula); details on the real-world Order of the Dragon; and a new magic item, the medallion of draconic authority.

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