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Runescars 5

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Runescars #5
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Book - Comic Book
September 27, 2017

Runescars #5, a Pathfinder comic book written by F. Wesley Schneider and James L. Sutter with art by Ediano Silva, colours by Omi Remalante, letters by Tom Napolitano, and covers by Jonathan Lau (with colours by Remalante), Pasquale Qualano, and Marco Santucci (with colours by Mariacristina Federico), was released on September 27, 2017. The issue is subtitled "And the Dead Shall Rise" on page 1.

With the legendary Runescar Stylus in the hands of the enemy, the race is on to stop a rogue Hellknight from waking an army of undead sorcerers and drowning Varisia in the blood of the innocent! Can Seoni and her team of adventurers overcome Lazku's devils—and their own fears—in order to stop the atrocity before it begins?


"Runescars #5" features the following characters:


Runescars #5 is the final chapter in the Pathfinder: Runescars story arc, and contains the following material.

"And the Dead Shall Rise" by F. Wesley Schneider and James L. Sutter (1)

The story comes to its climax at Mundatei.

"Ruins of Thassilon" by Jason Keeley (26)

A brief overview of the main ruins that form a legacy of the ancient empire of Thassilon.

"The Dark Night" by Jason Keeley (28)

This short adventure may be inserted as a side mission during the exploration of Scarwall Castle within Skeletons of Scarwall, the fifth issue of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Poster Map

This pull-out poster presents a miniatures-scale map of the Ebony Sepulcher on one side, and Jason Rainville's cover art from the novel Hellknight on the other.


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Jonathan Lau
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