Pathfinder Special 2013

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Pathfinder Special 2013
Cover of Pathfinder Special 2013 by Carlos Gomez
Author(s) Jim Zub
Artist(s) Kevin Stokes
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Price $4.99
Released November 2013
Type Comic Book
Binding paperback
Pages 40 pages
Series Pathfinder
Follows Pathfinder 12
Precedes City of Secrets 1
Artwork from Pathfinder Special 2013

Pathfinder Special 2013 is a comic book written by Jim Zub with art by Kevin Stokes and colors by Mohan, containing the story "Night on the Town"; it was released in November 2013. The issue features covers by Carlos Gomez and Stokes. The contents of this issue were later reprinted in the Of Tooth and Claw hardcover compilation, despite the story serving more as a lead-in to the City of Secrets story arc.

Magnimar is a city of mythic architecture and colorful occupants. When Merisiel and Kyra decide to 'hit the town' and explore their new home, they end up with more trouble than they bargained for - cutthroat thieves, betrayal, swashbuckling swordplay and much more are found in this super-sized story that couldn't be contained in the regular Pathfinder series.


Pathfinder Special 2013 features the following characters:


The events of this comic take place after those of the 'Of Tooth and Claw' story arc and detail what happens to Kyra and Merisiel during the night of the events within the 'Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1' comic.