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Pathfinder Origins 2

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Pathfinder Origins #2
Pathfinder Origins #2
Author(s) James L. Sutter
Artist(s) Kevin Stokes
Publisher Dynamite Entertainment
Price $4.99
Released March 2015
Type Comic Book
Binding paperback
Pages 32 pages
Series Pathfinder Origins 2 of 6
Follows Pathfinder Origins 1
Precedes Pathfinder Origins 3
Artwork from Pathfinder Origins 2

Pathfinder Origins #2, a comic book written by Paizo Inc. senior editor James L. Sutter with art by Kevin Stokes, and was released in March 2015. On most of the covers this issue is entitled 'KYRA'; on page 2 this issue is subtitled 'RAT KILLERS'.

To prove herself to the legendary Pathfinder Society, the holy warrior Kyra recounts a tale of heroism from her youth in the distant land of Qadira. When a village of desert ratfolk is massacred, only Kyra and the paladin Seelah are willing to take up their cause and hunt down the bloodsucking monstrosities responsible.

The exclusive cover by Sebastian Cichon is an homage to the poster for the movie Army of Darkness by Michael Hussar.


"Pathfinder Origins #2" features the following characters:

Game content

All Pathfinder Origins issues include a pull-out poster map and an official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter. In this comic, the encounter is entitled "Pilgrim's Rest" and the pull-out poster map is of the abandoned Sarenite temple of Pilgrim's Rest.

Alternate cover gallery

Pathfinder Origins 2 Sejic.jpg Pathfinder Origins 2 Stokes.jpg Pathfinder Origins 2 Izaakse.jpg
Stjepan Šejic Kevin Stokes Sean Izaakse
Pathfinder Origins 2 Huerta.jpg Pathfinder Origins 2 Paizo.jpg
Andrew Huerta Sebastian Cichon
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