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Spiral of Bones 5

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Spiral of Bones #5
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Book - Comic Book
July 25, 2018

Spiral of Bones #5, a Pathfinder comic book written by Crystal Frasier with art by Tom Garcia, colours by Morgan Hickman, and letters by Thomas Napolitano. Variant covers are by Vincenzo Federici, Tom Mandrake, and Marco Santucci. The comic was released on July 25, 2018. This issue is subtitled "Valeros Must Die!" on page 2.

In addition to its Pathfinder content, the issue also contains a backup Starfinder Click this link to see if this article exists on StarfinderWiki. story written by Erik Mona with art by Diego Galindo, colours by Mohan, and letters by Thomas Napolitano.

Valeros must face off against his dearest friends to protect the soul of a man he barely knows. What is the cost of victory? And how can the price of defeat be even worse? The Spire of Bones story concludes in this tale written by Pathfinder developer Crystal Frasier with art by Tom Garcia (Mercy Thompson, Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain). Contains a Starfinder backup story, a Pathfinder RPG rules appendix, and a bonus pull-out poster map!


"Spiral of Bones #5" features the following characters:


Spiral of Bones #5 is the final chapter in the Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones story arc, and contains the following material.

"Valeros Must Die!" by Crystal Frasier (1)

The finale of the Spiral of Bones story.

"Picking Up the Pieces" by Erik Mona (24)

"Helping Hands", the Starfinder Bonus Story, concludes with Part 5 in this comic.

"Pathfinder Chronicles: The Soul Trade" by Jason Keeley (28)

An article about the life cycle of souls and how they can be captured, traded, and used. The article concludes with descriptions of four magic items partly crafted using spent soul gems or soul gem shards: Apollyon clasp; belt of Trelmarixian; bridle of Charon; and Szuriel's scabbard. The section also describes the poster map included with the comic, providing ideas for its use.

Poster Map

The pull-out poster included with the comic presents a miniatures-scale map of a soul market on one side, and Kiki Moch Rizky's cover art from Nidal, Land of Shadows on the other.


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