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A shadow.

The shadow is a sinister undead creature.1


The aptly-named shadow is a shadowy, incorporeal undead creature which is vaguely humanoid in shape.1

Habitat and society

Shadows are generally found singly, or in groups of up to a dozen. They prefer to inhabit ruins, and appear to have no aims other than to drain the life force from living creatures.1


The incorporeal shadow is difficult to fight in combat, and they prove strangely resistant to positive energy. They cannot inflict physical wounds, but their touch drains the strength from their victims and this can prove fatal. Victims killed by a shadow rise very shortly afterwards as new shadows under its control.1

Greater shadow

Greater shadow

Shadows who kill many victims, spend sufficient time on the Plane of Shadow, or come into contact with large amounts of negative energy can grow in power and become greater shadows.

These undead monsters are tougher and more dangerous than ordinary shadows, and can drain strength at an increased rate. They are often found as leaders of their lesser brethren.1

On Golarion

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Shadows are counted amongst the lesser nobility of the undead-dominated nation of Geb.2


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