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School Transmutation
Level (1E) Druid 6

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 303

Ironwood is a magically created form of wood with the properties of steel, including its strength, weight, and fire resistance. It is also the name of the spell that creates it.[1]

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On Golarion

Keys,[2] weapons,[3] and armor[4] can be crafted from or converted to ironwood.

Some foreign buildings in Free Station are said to be made of Mwangi Jungle ironwood.[5]

In the Great Beyond

The Vault of Thorns is a demiplane bordering the Material Plane and First World, and is made at least in part of ironwood branches that function as doorways and bridges between its rooms.[6]

The House at the Edge of Time in Thousandbreaths is covered in vines made of ironwood.[7]


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