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Song of the Serpent

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Song of the Serpent
Song of the Serpent
Author(s) Hugh Matthews
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Audible Studios
Price Print: $9.99
eBook: $6.99
Audiobook: $19.95
Released Print/eBook: April 2012
Audiobook: January 2016
Type Novel
Binding Mass market paperback, eBook, unabridged digital audio
Pages 317 pages
Narrator Jonathan Davis
Runtime 9 h 53 m
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-388-0
ISBN 978-1-60125-389-7 (ebook)
Series Pathfinder Tales
Follows Death's Heretic
Precedes City of the Fallen Sky
Artwork from Song of the Serpent

Song of the Serpent, a novel by Hugh Matthews, was released in April 2012. An audiobook adaptation, narrated by Jonathan Davis, was released by Audible Studios in January 2016.

A Reluctant HeroTo an experienced rogue like Krunzle the Quick, the merchant nation of Druma is full of treasures just waiting to be liberated. Yet when the fast-talking scoundrel gets caught stealing from one of the powerful prophets of Kalistrade, his only option is to undertake a dangerous mission to recover the merchant lord's runaway daughter—and the magical artifact she took with her. Armed with an arsenal of decidedly unhelpful magical items and chaperoned by an intelligent snake necklace happy to choke him into submission, Krunzle must venture far from the cities of the merchant utopia and into a series of adventures that will make him a rich man—or a corpse.


Song of the Serpent features the following characters:


  • Map (8)
  • Chapter 1 The Uncharmed Tree (9)
  • Chapter 3 Room Thirteen (49)
  • Chapter 4 A Promising Young Troll (69)
  • Chapter 5 A Headache for Mordach (89)
  • Chapter 6 Thief Meets Maiden (105)
  • Chapter 8 The Noble Head (149)
  • Chapter 9 "There Will Be a Reckoning" (171)
  • Chapter 10 The Battle at the River (193)
  • Chapter 11 Desnertinizing the Flobbule (213)
  • Chapter 12 The Tunnel (233)
  • Chapter 13 Necessary Sacrifice (255)
  • Chapter 14 "Call It My Fate" (273)
  • Chapter 15 Chirk Unchained (295)
  • About the Author (311)
  • Glossary (313)


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