Madrona Daugustana

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Madrona Daugustana
Titles Lady Madrona Daugustana
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human
Class Aristocrat 12
Gender Female
Homeland Eleder, Sargava
Organization Eleder High Council

Source: Racing to Ruin, pg(s). 60

Lady Madrona Daugustana is the matriarch of the family of Daugustanas in Eleder and the unofficial city's leader. She is the oldest living colonial and she upholds the ideals and customs of her ancestors. She is a member of the high council of the city and her political influence stretches all the way to Baron's Palace. She controls almost one third of all major businesses in the port. All activities in Portside and New Haliad, from marriages to business deals must have her approval.[1]


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