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Septimia Arodatus

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Septimia Arodatus
Titles General, Grand Praetor of Sargava, Commander of the Sargavan Guard
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Half-elf
Class Fighter 11
Gender Female
Homeland Eleder, Sargava
Organization Sargavan Guard

Source: Racing to Ruin, pg(s). 59

General Septimia Arodatus is the commander of the Sargavan Guard, and the highest-ranking military official in the former Chelish colony of Sargava.[1][2] A fierce proponent of the law, she tired of the Rivermen's Guild brutal and criminal ways, and decided to simply have its leaders rounded up and executed. Upon finding out that the families of the men she had sent to do this had been abducted, she relented and has confronted the Guild since.[3]


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