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Nessus (pronounced NEHS-uhs)1 is Hell's lowest layer, ruled by the Prince of Darkness, Asmodeus.23 Nessus is a desolate wasteland, a place apparently destroyed by volcanic fire, and a land of formless darkness.4

Little is known of this dark place, but it is clear that only the greatest of devils are permitted residence here. Pit fiends are most common in Nessus, serving in the infernal courts or attending dark councils.5

Strongly suspected are the great wonders and treasures held in the vaults of Asmodeus himself, including powerful artifacts such as the key to Rovagug's prison and the deity-slaying spear head, the Ihystear. If rumours can be believed, Asmodeus only keeps relics in preparation for the existence yet to come, in the final stage of his master plan to reorganise the multiverse to his own liking.6


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