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The archdevil Mephistopheles rules his layer of Caina (pronounced CANE-uh),1 an unending expanse of hanging cages, narrow stone platforms, and iron bridges.23 Caina is also known as the Bones of Hell.4 The realm is regarded as a land of eternal torture and unceasing darkness.5


Caina does not have a surface in the way that the other layers of Hell do; instead, the plane is composed for the most part of a vast expanse of darkness pierced by needle-like spires and towers of rock and bone, which rise from the depths of the plane to heights greater than a mortal could climb in several lifetimes. The tops and interiors of these structures provide what little flat land exists in this layer of Hell. The depths of Caina eventually open onto Nessus, Hell's deepest layer, but most creatures who fall into Caina's abyss die of thirst or hunger long before reaching the underlying layer. Caina's spires and monoliths are connected to one another by a complex system of bridges, juts of stone and iron chains; these, in turn, support countless hanging cages in which Caina's shades are imprisoned.67

Caina's sky is permanently clouded by ash and fire; when these part, the darkness visible beyond them is deeper than any night in the Universe.8


Despite the relative lack of habitable space compared to other layers, Caina is home to significant, although scattered, populations of devils. Gelugons and deimaviggas are particularly common in Caina. The infernal dukes Oriax, Pirias, and Rasvocel, as well as the Queen of the Night Doloras, all make their homes in this layer as well.7


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