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Pit fiend
A mighty nessari.

Rulers of infernal realms, generals of Hell's armies, and advisors to the archfiends, nessaris,1 sometimes called tyrant devils or pit fiends,2 are among the most powerful and ruthless examples of devilkind.1


A pair of gigantic flame-seared wings and eyes that smoulder like embers give nessaris a truly horrific appearance. Thick muscles cling to their gigantic frames, armoured over by dense, bladed scales capable of deflecting all but the most potent assaults. Fangs as thick as daggers fill their maws, bestial visages disguising some of the most insidious minds in Hell.3

Nessaris always stand more than 16 feet tall, weigh more than 1,000 pounds, and have wingspans of more than 20 feet.3


While nessaris are devastatingly powerful combatants and supernaturally capable commanders, they are most notable for their ability to rapidly sculpt orts into more powerful types of devil. A single nessari can manipulate up to 100 orts per day into other types of devils, with stronger results requiring more orts, and save for nessaris created in this manner all such devils immediately swear fealty to their creator. Since a sculpted nessari holds no allegiance, few nessaris bother to create more of their own kind.4


Physically indomitable and possessed of ingenious evil intellects, these diabolical tyrants hold great autonomy whether in their service to the archfiends, in their rule of vast infernal fiefdoms, or in subjugation of mortal worlds. Born within the depths of Nessus, the ninth and deepest layer of Hell, nessaris are designed and made to serve the archdevils and their dukes alone. While many travel to higher layers and far from Hell to command infernal legions, most remain in Nessus serving in the courts of Hell's elite or in dark councils with unknowable purposes.3

However, nessaris are masters of fire and prefer lands bathed in flame. In Hell, this predisposes them to Avernus, Dis, Malebolge, Nessus, and Phlegethon, the layers most likely to harbour their burning temple-citadels. Fanatics obsessed with diabolical superiority and ironclad obedience, nessaris left to their own devices develop wide-reaching schemes against mortal worlds, eyeing them for infernal domination in pursuit of even the slightest advancement within the infernal ranks. Their unparalleled ambition and cunning make other nessaris both the most valuable and dangerous allies to a nessari.3

Infernal dukes

The most powerful nessaris are lords in their own right—members of the elite caste of infernal politics and leadership known as the dukes of Hell. While not all infernal dukes are promoted from the ranks of nessaris, their thirsts for conquest and power over others often make them prime candidates.3

Notable nessaris

Gorthoklek, right, advises Queen Abrogail II of Cheliax, center.
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