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Orlu, a hobgoblin, carries a net weighted for throwing.
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Nets are tools used to capture or retain things. Their open structure provides lightness and flexibility that allows them to be carried and manipulated with relative ease, making them valuable for methodical tasks such as hunting, fishing, sleeping, and carrying.[1] They can also be thrown, launched, dropped, or deployed as traps to entangle opponents in combat or as a defensive measure.[2][3][4][5]

Basic nets can cost anywhere between one[5] and twenty gold pieces.[2][3][4]


On Golarion

Technological repair drones and robots are equipped with launchers for nets made of polymers.[7][8]

Boats and ships often deploy large fishing nets to collect large quantities of fish or retrieve objects from the water. Trawlers, for example, drag trawling nets behind them to collect fish or dredge objects up from the depths as they travel.[9][10][11][12]

The Knotsnarl tribe of monkey goblins on Mediogalti Island specializes in hunting with nets.[13][14]

In the Great Beyond

Warmonger devils called levalochs are known to carry barbed nets.[15]

In religion

Nets are the favored weapon of many deities, particularly those with spider motifs, or trickery, traps, the sea, or slavery in their portfolios. Notable net-favoring deities include Mazmezz,[16] Mahathallah,[17] Folca,[18] Roqorolos,[19] Chadali,[20] Eaqueo,[21] Sugroz,[22] Maeha,[23] Hataam,[24] Atlach-Nacha,[25] and Grandmother Spider.[26]


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