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Repair drone

Source: Fires of Creation, pg(s). 13, 24–25
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Repair drones are Androffan robots resembling three-legged humanoids that were designed to repair technology, including other nearby robots.1


A repair drone has a polymer body hued white and gray, with three arachnid-like legs. Its torso, arms (with four-fingered hands), and head vaguely resemble a humanoid's, and its face has a single illuminated red light that resembles an eye. It stands about five feet tall and can move across rocky or unstable ground with ease.2


Aside from their engineering expertise and robot repair tools, repair drones are also armed with a launcher that fires polymer nets, and a typical drone contains five such nets. They can enter a hibernation mode that reduces their power supply requirements to such a point that they can recharge on runoff power transmitted in the vicinity of a functioning reactor. However, they are vulnerable to direct applications of uncontrolled electricity.1

Like many Androffan robots, repair drones can communicate in the Androffan language.1


Repair robots are diligent in their duties, and are quick to recognize and defend their ship when they detect attempts to damage it. However, they will sometimes misinterpret actions, such as searching through debris, as an attempt to cause damage.1 Damaged repair drones might even attempt to disassemble their surroundings while attempting to locate technological devices to repair.2

On Golarion

Repair drones were plentiful on the Divinity, a starship that crashed in pieces across Numeria millennia ago, and many continue to operate near pieces of the ship in varying states of functionality.1 Khonnir Baine, a councilor of Torch, retrieved a repair drone from the remains of one of the Divinity's habitat domes and brought it to his workshop within the Foundry Tavern.2


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