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Levalochs menace tormented souls in Malebolge.
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Levalochs, also known as warmonger devils, are the efficient and absolutely loyal soldiers of Hell's armies.1


A levaloch is little more than a suit of armour made of dark metallic plates, scuttling upon six heavy, bladed, segmented legs. Its body is pierced with gleaming spikes studded with trophies, and has no internal structure. It wields a long trident in one arm and a barbed net in the other. With little variation, levalochs stand just over 10 feet tall and weigh almost exactly one ton.1


Levalochs, like other outsiders, have no need for sleep, food, or drink,1 and are nourished and refreshed entirely through combat. If a levaloch is destroyed, its body contains only pitch.2


Although intelligent, levalochs are absolutely obedient to their masters—the archdevils, Asmodeus, and the hierarchy of Hell—and have little will or ambition beyond that. Their discipline is such that a levaloch might stand in its post for centuries, waiting for orders that might never come; because of this, they are prized as perfect soldiers and hunters of Hell second only to cornugons, and viewed as the ideal soldier across the Great Beyond. When not under orders, levalochs see themselves as tyrants and seek to cause conflict through petty reasons,1 and their provocative personalities often emerge in surprising ways.2

Levalochs are most commonly found in Avernus, Malebolge, and the outskirts of Dis, serving the more martial archdevils and guarding infernal fortifications. They specialise in moving through Hell's broken landscapes to hunt down intruders and errant souls. Most follow their masters' command to the letter, only caring about other things when they threaten themselves or their master. Levalochs are so obsessively obedient that they might let intruders walk freely in front of them if not specifically ordered to stand guard.1 Likewise, they are superiors to barbazus in Hell's strict physical hierarchy.3

If left without orders, levalochs become shrewd and subtle when instigating bloodshed in the name of Hell. They view mortals as weak and worthless for their emotions and freely encourage genocides if they see the benefit. They treat every battle as a chance to hone their skills and give every foe no quarter.1 However, they do favor offerings of magically enhanced armor.4

Known levalochs


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