Parmain IV

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Parmain IV
Titles Grand Prince
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Taldor
Died 3564 AR

Source: The Six-Legend Soul, pg(s). 97

Grand Prince Parmain IV was a weak and indolent ruler. Parmain is arguably most famous for being usurped by Daronlyr XII in 3564 AR, who is now considered by many to be amongst the greatest leaders Taldor has ever had. Parmain IV was the son of Parmain III and was viewed too indulgent in too many excesses, including the appeasement of foreign rulers. His end came when he confided in his cousin Daronlyr that he was planning to cede large tracts of land in modern day Isger to the Kellids. Daronlyr was so incensed at this national betrayal that, despite the efforts of the Ulfen Guard, he stabbed Parmain IV in the heart killing him instantly.[1]


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