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Aliases Micheaux the Magnificent
Titles Grand Prince
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Taldor
Died Unknown; likely 4526 AR

Source: Tomb of the Iron Medusa, pg(s). 31

Grand Prince Micheaux the Magnificent was Grand Prince of Taldor from 4499 AR to 4526 AR. He succeeded the childless Beldam II, who adopted Micheaux a year before dying in 4499 AR.[1] Before his adoption, Micheaux had been a powerful Taldan nobleman.[2]

Micheaux was married to Euphemi Finara and had a son, Stavian, on 5th Lamashan, 4497 AR. Stavian I would succeed Micheaux as Grand Prince in 4526 AR.[1]


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