Gennaris III

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Gennaris III

Grand Prince; The Conqueror; High Strategos
Source: The Reaper's Right Hand, pg(s). Inside Back Cover

Gennaris was a military leader, and later Grand Prince, of Taldor. During his time as ruler, he successfully reversed the Qadiran gains during the Grand Campaign and is considered Taldor's greatest general as a result. In addition to being an impressive warrior in his own right, he was known for his benevolence as well as his strategic brilliance.1


Gennaris was the youngest of three siblings and thus never intended to inherit the throne from his father, instead joining the military and rising swiftly through the ranks of the Taldan Phalanx to become the High Strategos. He led numerous attacks against the forces of Qadira, successfully retaking Zimar, and forcing his foes all the way back to the Jalrune River until he was interrupted by the sudden death of his two older siblings.

Reluctantly leaving the battlefront, Gennaris was crowned in Oppara in 4322 AR but soon grew tired of courtly life. Two years after his coronation he returned to the frontlines to renew the assault against his southern foes, seeking to inspire his troops by leading by example. A beloved leader, his return was greatly celebrated by his troops.2

Putting his grand strategy, known as Heaven's Step Offensive, into action Gennaris managed to drive the Qadiran army back into their own territory. Upon the Plains of Paresh, the Grand Prince defeated all rivals, even slaying six Qadiran generals in single combat and famously collecting their swords as trophies. When the Qadiran forces broke and fled the field, Gennaris refused to allow his troops to slaughter the retreating enemy. Unfortunately, this allowed the Empire of Kelesh to reinforce the Qadiran army and plan their counter offensive.3


Unwilling to face the Grand Prince in the field, the Qadirans instead planned a surprise attack on Gennaris on the advice of Kelesh emissaries. During a predawn inspection of his troops, the Grand Prince was ambushed and slain by assassins.2


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