Dominus II

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Dominus II

Grand Prince
Source: Crownfall, pg(s). 97

Grand Prince Dominus II was a Grand Prince of Taldor from 4588 AR.

Son of Stavian I, Dominus II was one of twelve siblings. As the third son, he was often overlooked until the death of his eldest brother, Gosse, and the exile of his second oldest brother, Manderval.1

Disputed bloodline

During the War for the Crown in 4718 AR, agents of Dominus II's descendant Eutropia Stavian linked High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus to a false-flag plot stoking war with Qadira and discredited him.2 In response, agents of Pythareus published records indicating that Dominus II's father, Stavian I, was an illegitimate heir born of the disgraced House Adella. This in turn invalidated the Stavians' bloodline claim to the crown. The records were subsequently confirmed by multiple academics.3


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