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Week 53 - Graypelt

Week 52 - Christmas Seoni 2009

Seoni spreads the holiday spirit. Eva Widermann

Week 51 - Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers. Concept Art House, Spires of Xin-Shalast p. 66

Week 50 - Scarecrow attack

Scarecrows are not always what they appear. Andrew Hou, The Skinsaw Murders p. 88

Week 49 - Seugathi

Seugathi are primarily found in subterranean Sekamina. Torstein Nordstrand, Into the Darklands p. 58

Week 48 - Channel energy

Kyra channels Sarenrae's wrath upon an army of skeletons. Campaign Setting p. 158

Week 47 - Devilfish

A devilfish attacks a small boat. Ben Wootten, Edge of Anarchy p. 76

Week 44 - Draggy, Fluff Gugg, Mr. Straw, a Mwangi Fetish, and Molly Missy

Draggy, Fluff Gugg, Mr. Straw, a Mwangi Fetish, and Molly Missy. Tyler Walpole, What Lies in Dust

Week 42 - Throne of the Drow

Throne of the drow. Kevin Chin, The Armageddon Echo, p. 54

Week 41 - Elves of Golarion

Merisiel dodges a bugbear's attack. Wayne Reynolds, Elves of Golarion, Inside Back Cover

Week 39 - Shoanti vs. ogre

A Shoanti warrior battles an ogre. Kevin Yan, A History of Ashes, p. 71

Week 37 - Taking it Easy

Taking it easy. Kevin Yan, The Jackal's Price, p. 31

Week 33 - Akiton Gate

Akiton, the Red Planet. Children of the Void p. 48