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Ben Wootten

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Ben Wootten
Homepage Homepage on DeviantArt
Born 1969
Hometown Essex, England
Position Artist

Ben Wootten has a degree in zoology, but you wouldn't know if from the quality, volume, and diversity of his artwork. In addition to illustrating numerous customizable card games and RPG products (including Pathfinder and Pathfinder Modules). Ben has worked in concept design for Weta Workshop in New Zealand on such films as King Kong, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and Lord of the Rings.[1]

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Shattered Star Poster Map Folio 1302 February 2013 ShSPMF
Skull & Shackles Poster Map Folio 1206 June 2012 S&SPMF
Wrath of the Righteous Poster Map Folio 1402 February 2014 WotRPMF
See also: Category:Artwork by Ben Wootten


See also: Category:Artwork by Ben Wootten


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