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Dragon, a blue-tailed skink
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The iconic sorcerer, Seoni1 (pronounced see-OH-nee)2 is a female human of Varisian decent.

Meet the Iconics

Seoni and Dragon, her blue-tailed skink familiar.
Unlike the barbarians-gone-native on the eastern plateau or the colonial Chelaxian immigrants of the south, Seoni is a native Varisian, a nomadic race whose closest real-world cultural analogue is the Romani. Or at least, she's mostly Varisian—as might be apparent from her otherworldly grace, there's something not quite human in her ancestry. Though she doesn't have any hard facts, Seoni herself has picked up on some of this, and is constantly pushed to search deeper into the mysteries of her heritage by strange dreams that she doesn't understand.

More than just ornamentation, Seoni's runic tattoos play a large role in her personality. Coming from a people where tattoo magic maintains a strong following, hers are simultaneously a manifestation of her power and a tool to aid in her castings. The sheer number adorning her skin, as well as the similar patterns woven into her clothes, are a mark of status among her tribe, though many of the so-called "civilized" residents of Varisia look upon such body modification with distaste.

Despite being a consummate adventurer, Seoni is something of an enigma to her compatriots. Quietly neutral on most matters, bound by codes and mandates that she rarely feels compelled to explain, the sorceress keeps her emotions tightly bottled. Extremely detail oriented—what the more pugnacious members of her party call a "control freak"—Seoni is a careful and meticulous planner, a schemer who frequently finds herself frustrated by the improvised plans of her more impulsive companions. Despite all of this, Seoni has stuck by her comrades through numerous tight spots, a fact that continues to amaze and confuse Valeros, who wonders loudly (although not altogether inappreciatively) about "the witch and her schemes."

As with so many things, however, if Seoni understands her motivations, she's keeping that knowledge to herself.3

Tradition and familiar

Seoni's bloodline grants her magic of the arcane tradition. Her familiar is a blue-tailed skink named Dragon.4


Seoni has a brother, Tiro.56


Seoni tells her own story in the comic Pathfinder Origins 3.

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