Qatada Nessudidia

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The Qatada Nessudidia is the largest temple to Asmodeus in Westcrown, and one of the largest buildings east of the Arodennama. Located in Rego Sacero, it stretches four stories tall and is capped with a red crystal skylight roof over its altar that glows with such sinister light that it is difficult to miss at night.12


The temple's terraced star-shaped construction was funded by House Thrune, House Jeggare, and their allies from 4639 AR to 4677 AR, succeeding previous attempts to replace the Sanqatada Cinqarda by other houses that were interrupted by the Faithless Fires.1 The star-shaped red crystal skylight is said to have been crafted by Founder Vadrus, one of the revered Founders of Aroden and spirit of crystals and artistry, though it was reclaimed from several prior buildings. Its light shines down a shaft through all four floors and onto the altar on its ground level.2


The ground floor includes a sanctum in the shape of a five-pointed star, with connected vestries and sacistry completing the floor's pentagonal profile. A second floor features an exterior rear balcony, as well as several lecture halls. The third floor is dominated by a library that contains texts categorized by archdevils' portfolios and diabolical texts, including a comprehensively annotated, 81-volume edition of the Asmodean Monograph. The fourth and highest floor features an opulent ballroom used for diabolic events.2


The temple's high priest is Jarvaxus Garestic, an aiuvarin.23


Paizo published a map of the Qatada Nessudidia on page 21 of Hell Comes to Westcrown.

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