Taranik House

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Taranik House is a large mansion in the Rego Scripa section of the Chelish city of Westcrown, which serves as the city's garrison for the Hellknight Order of the Rack.1


Taranik House was originally the home of Misirnis Taranik, a noted liberal philosopher and scholar. Misirnis amassed a fortune from producing and distributing tracts in support of her philosophical positions. A secret member of the Path of Grace and an organizer of the White Plague, she was burned along with her home and production facilities by Daidian Ruel and his followers in 4577 AR. It was the recovery of an old woodblock printing press in the ruins of the estate that allowed Ruel to publicly expand on his concept of "low philosophy" and carry his campaign for order out to the public.1

Organization of the garrison

As one of the first conquests of the new Hellknights, a rebuilt Taranik House was pressed into service as the local garrison for the Order of the Rack. Every other Fireday, a new complement of 12 Hellknights is sent here to function under the command of the local Paralictor. No fewer than eight Hellknights are always on the premises and at least 15 Hellknights can also be found within the city of Westcrown at all times. Whenever civil disturbances, or outright violence, moves beyond the ability of the Westcrown Dottari to control, these Hellknights serve to provide support and to send requests for additional aid to nearby Citadel Rivad as necessary.

The present Paralictor, Gonville Chard, is frequently upstaged by Aritil Sevarn, the arms-maralictor (armory commander) who has established links with Lord Mayor Arvanxi and House Drovenge.21


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