Dusk Market

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Dusk Market

Underground market
Secret syndicate
1,126 humans, 223 halflings, 102 cambions, and 50 others
Source: Black Markets, pg(s). 8

The Dusk Market is a wandering bazaar that sets up within the shells of fallen temples, theaters, and other opulent ruins within the Westcrown district of Rego Cader. Here the brave and foolish buy contraband, under the very eyes of bribed rundottari (local watch). Drugs, exotic poisons, strange beasts, and kidnapped slaves can all be found in this semi-secret marketplace.123

Run by a secret syndicate, it takes place at a different ruin each day in the two hours before sundown—hence its name—to avoid Order of the Rack Hellknights and the city's dangerous creatures.23 For a price, almost any local ne'er-do-well can tell visitors where the market will set up next.1

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