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The Arodennama, a massive statue of Aroden, stretches 90 feet above its base on Aroden's Rise in Westcrown. Created from massive blocks of white marble, it is the oldest structure in Westcrown and, perhaps, even in all of Avistan. The statue faces the river and Westcrown Island, with the chest aligned to stand if the first rays of sunlight in the morning and the last at night. A massive silver-inlaid winged-eye symbol of Aroden stretches to the sleeves and under the arms.

A variety of structures of many ages surround the statue, originally built in in the expectation of his arrival, most now lie neglected and vacant. In contrast, even after a century's neglect, no signs of tarnish or wear mar the silver eye of Aroden across the breast.12 Within the statue are a number of chambers originally designed as places to pray and pay homage to Aroden. Most troubling to many of his clergy is that no residual magic or lingering curse remains here from Aroden's demise. After all, if Aroden could not even leave his blessing here, the place where his prophesies foretold he would return to the world, then his demise is even more definite and profound.3

The area surrounding the statue is a large plaza known as the Vacant Throne, and encompasses several buildings (now abandoned). The area has been described as having a feel of ancient but abandoned majesty.3


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